Find your cup of Tea

NFTEA is a collection of "42069" unique digital artworks created by greatest artists of all time, including LEONARDO DA VINCI, MICHELANGELO, VINCENT VAN GOGH etc.

The work is realized by deep learning artificial intelligence reproduction, recognized as the next generative ART standard.

Everyone has the chance to participate in this collaborative NFT art projects with the greatest artists of all time.

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The original NFTEA, a cup filled with tea of ether.
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Mint Your NFTEA

First 164 NFTEAs will be reserved for future event.
The next 289 will be airdropped for every 288 NFTEAs sold

Remaining 41616 will be sold at 0.15 ETH each.

Magic Numbers

Total 42069: We all understand 42069.
First Tier 164: 69/420 = .164... (Urban dictionary : 69'ing while stoned.)
Second Tier 289 and 288: (from wikipedia)
289 is a centered octagonal number and Friedman number.
288 is a pentagonal pyramidal number, is 4 superfactorial since 288 = 1!·2!·3!·4!
,an untouchable number, a Harshad number in base 10 and base 12, an Achilles number, a 3-smooth number and a self number.

Both 288 and 289 are powerful numbers.

288 is sum of the sequence of integers 1..4 to the second tetration.
288 is the number of labelled pointed rooted trees (vertebrates) with up to 4 nodes, the number of maximal directed Pseudoforests on up to 4 vertices, the number of Endofunctions for all sets with ≤ 4 points, and is two dozen sets of a dozen, thus being two gross and being 200 in base 12, often told as a pun in maths classes.)

Remaining Hybrid ones:
41616 is the largest square triangular numbers less than one million, which means it is a square number (=204*204) and also a triangular number (=1+2+...+288).

Mint Tea (0.15ETH)