Attribute of each NFTEA is determined by computer vision technology with no human interference.
The machine will recognize, in its vision, edges, corners, dominant color palette and SIFT and SURF keypoints.

The corner point of an NFTEA by computer visionsurf/sift/orb keypoints of the NFTEA imagesurf/sift/orb keypoints of the NFTEA imagedominant colors of the NFTEA image

IPFS and Existence

The existence is calculated by SHA256 of the appended list of all NFTEA metadata and stored in the smart contract. The special giveaways of 289 NFTEAs are indexed at n, where n = 143 (mod 145), i.e. 143,288,...,41903. The 164 greatest NFTEA masterpieces reserved are indexed at 41905 to 42068. The rest 41616 NFTEAs are indexed at 0 to 41904, except all giveaways indexes, and shifted by a random STARTING INDEX calculated by the NFTEA smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.