Our Story

You are welcomed to print your "NFTEA" on an "NFTEE" to create a fashion brand.
NFTEA, which is an NFT artwork project based on a cup of ETH. Instead of painting by human artists, we let computer do the work. We apply the algorithm that can travel in the digital world and summon the greatest artists of all time to paint your cup of TEA.
The list of names include LEONARDO DA VINCI, MICHELANGELO, VINCENT VAN GOGH and etc.

Welcome to the era of new digital artwork!

Fund will go to support NFT artists including photographers and musicians for their creation of their own brand of NFT arts.

Vincent Van Gogh NFTEA original

Combined Styles

40629 cups are created. Some of which are just more rare than others. For example, an NFTEA may be painted by two artists or more. We will let the owners to confirm the style and its painter.

No. 1-164 are the "First Tier" masterpieces.
No. 165-453 are the "Second Tier" ones.
Each of "Second Tier" painting will combine with one another to produced a combined style NFTEA.
Resulting in 41616 combinations, i.e. No. 454-42069.